​Shoshin Leadership, Inc.

​Leading with Calmness, Clarity and Courage

Shoshin ​by Stan Proffitt
"Beginner's Mind" - The mind that is open,

ready to learn,

not stuck in the past,

without anxiety

about the future.

Openness to Learning (with an emphasis on self)

The term "Shoshin" most literally translates to "Beginner's Mind."  The essence of this mindset is one of openness, newness and readiness to learn.  The capacity and willingness to continuously learn is a pre-requisite for growth. This is particularly difficult for many when the subject they are learning about is themselves, or they have risen to a level of expertise in a given discipline.  Being an expert engineer, physician, accountant, carpenter, etc., does not automatically result in understanding one's own reactivity and deeper motives or the ability to effectively lead others . Openness to being a learner is a core requirement in Stan's work.

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Growth through challenge
Respect for the growth process and individual pace