Helping Others by Developing Self

One can best lead others down a path with which she/he is well acquainted.  Leaders who invest time and energy in their own growth are better equipped to help others grow.  Broadening one's own perspective, strengthening capacity for deeper thinking, growing one's own self-responsibility and bolstering one's own courage puts one in a better position to help others do the same.

Stan lives this principle by diligently working on his own

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-regulation
  • Self-definition
  • Perspective
  • Capacity for systems thinking
  • Emotional courage

Anchored in the belief that one cannot give what one does not have, Stan invests as much time and effort in his own growth as he does in helping his clients work on themselves.  When leaders are actively working on themselves, there is an inherent authenticity in their coaching and mentoring of those they lead.

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