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Connection can be thought of as having two key dimensions.  First, the strength of connection in any relationship rests on one's ability and willingness to self-disclose; to let others in.  Second, the strength of connection also rests on the degree of interest one has in others.  Interest in others is revealed by the degree of curiosity one has about how others see "it", what others think, want, will do, won't do. Connection fuels both calmness and influence.  The stronger the connection a leader has with the people he/she leads, the greater his/her influence will be.  Without both connection and separateness, all a leader has to stand on for influence is the power of his/her title/position.

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Helping Others
Openness to learning

Growth through challenge
Respect for the growth process and individual pace

The Banyan tree, photographed in Delhi, India, displays distinctly separate trunks emanating from inter-connected roots.