Shoshin ​by Stan Proffitt
"Beginner's Mind" - The mind that is open, ready to learn, not stuck in the past, without anxiety about the future.

About Shoshin Leadership, Inc.


Shoshin Leadership, Inc. offers coaching and leadership development programs to promote higher maturity and self-responsibility in leaders and the organizations they lead.  Higher maturity and self-responsibility serve as a catalyst for connecting with others, thinking objectively, helping others grow and managing accountability.  

Shoshin Leadership, Inc.'s specialized coaching and mentoring approach is rooted in principles derived from the study of Washin-Ryu Karate Do under the guidance of Master Hidy Ochiai and the pioneering work of Dr. Murray Bowen's science - based research. Master Ochiai's work centers on cultivating strength of self, ability to remain centered and a focus on promoting growth and development in self and others.  Dr. Bowen's revolutionary work incorporates ideas from biology, neuroscience and endocrinology with his own research on human relationship functioning.    

Stan's approach integrates the wisdom and insight of Master Hidy Ochiai, Dr. Murray Bowen's research in relationship systems and a host of researchers advancing understanding of human functioning.  The goal is to help leaders develop a more accurate view of the deeper factors influencing their effectiveness, including a more objective view of self.  Getting a "view of self from the bleachers" helps leaders see how they are contributing to the current level of functioning in their teams, and modify themselves in a way that promotes growth in maturity and responsibility in their organizations.

The outcome is an increase in capacity to think more clearly, connect effectively with all stakeholders in business, become more effective family and community leaders and experience a higher quality of life.

​Shoshin Leadership, Inc.

​Leading with Calmness, Clarity and Courage