​Shoshin Leadership, Inc.

​Leading with Calmness, Clarity and Courage

All photos by Stan Proffitt

Founded on the principle of Shoshin (pronounced show-shin), which means "beginner's mind," Shoshin Leadership, Inc. focuses on helping leaders:

  • Become better, more objective thinkers
  • Build strong connections in important relationships
  • Increase their capacity for self-directedness
  • Gain expertise in helping others grow
  • Lead their organizations and teams through challenges with clarity, calmness and courage 

Stan Proffitt's approach to executive and team development is anchored in a broad scope of science, including evolutionary biology, neuroscience, epigenetics and the theoretical framework of Bowen Family Systems Theory, pioneered by Dr. Murray Bowen.

Through Shoshin Leadership, Inc., Stan shares his life-long passion for self-development, learning and embracing challenge with clients, offering his own path to greater clarity, calmness and courage as a directional guide for organizational leaders. 

What I Do

Executive Coaching

Stan works with leaders on an individual basis, helping them become more self-aware, self-responsible, clearer about what is going on and more skillful in taking on their most pressing leadership and relationship challenges.

Leadership Teaching

Stan delivers custom-designed leadership development programs geared toward helping leaders acquire the thinking and skills to effectively navigate through leadership and relationship challenges and help others do the same.


Stan helps leadership teams connect on issues that are important for the business with clarity, calmness, candor and accountability.

Executive Coaching and Leadership Development